About Islington

We’re determined to make Islington fairer and to create a place where everyone, whatever their background, has the same opportunity to reach their potential .


Our vision for a fairer Islington

Islington is a wonderful place, but it’s also a borough of contrasts.  A thriving area at the centre of a world city, with more than enough jobs for every person of working age, and a place where our diverse community pulls together and is incredibly strong. Yet, it is also a place where the gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ is stark, and where one in three children are growing up in poverty.  Where there is still too big a gap between those with secure, good-quality housing and those without; between those with the confidence, networks and qualifications to seize opportunities and those who feel those opportunities are out of reach.

Many local residents also face both complex and multiple challenges, such as housing, employment, offending, domestic violence, mental health and substance abuse and so have repeated contact with our services and those of our partners.

Tackling these deeper challenges is not only fundamental to improving the quality of local people’s lives, it is also essential if we’re to continue to be able to meet their needs in the face of significant budget cuts. We strongly believe that prevention and early intervention is the key to building a fairer Islington - and it’s that guiding principle that will underpin how we work. We also want to ensure the Council works in a way that meets people’s needs in a way that works for them, with services designed through their eyes and reflecting how people want to receive support.

Since our pioneering Fairness Commission in 2010, Islington has been a borough with one clear vision:

We’re determined to make Islington fairer and to create a place where everyone, whatever their background, has the same opportunity to reach their potential and enjoy a good quality of life.

Despite massive national government cuts to our core funding, we’ve made some great progress towards making Islington a fairer place for all by tackling inequality and poverty.

In the last five years we’ve:

  • supported over 5,500 local people into work
  • built the most new council homes in over 30 years
  • helped thousands of people out of fuel poverty and set up Angelic Energy - London’s first municipal energy provider in more than a century
  • our schools continue to improve and 9 out of 10 are rated Good or Outstanding
  • worked with the police to keep residents safe and invested in targeted support for young people at risk of turning to crime

However, there is so much more still to do and our commitment to creating a fairer borough is stronger now than ever.

Our Values 

We’re determined to become the best in the country at prevention and early intervention and are rethinking the way we use our resources, design, commission and deliver services and work with residents and partners - as a team to achieve this. Central to this is our Workforce Strategy, which will ensure that we have – and can retain – the right staff with the right skills to deliver our priorities. This has been developed with insight from our comprehensive Staff Engagement Survey and through consulting directly with staff.  Our newly adopted corporate values that we believe will be pivotal to achieving our aims are: 

  • Collaborative: acting as team – across our organisation, with our partners and our community - to help providing a joined up service to residents 
  • Empowering: taking the initiative to tackle problems and find creative solutions; enabling people to cope with setbacks and bounce back; sharing good ideas; learning from and encouraging each other. 
  • Efficient: using our resources wisely, putting people and outcomes at the centre of processes, striving for better solutions and providing effective signposting – so every contact counts 

Find out more about Islington

You can find out more about Islington, our corporate plan and our three flagship commissions in the documents below.

You can also hear what local residents fed back in our recent survey of 1,000 people and read the report from our recent LGA peer review - both of which have given us really valuable insight that we're building into the way we'll work over the next four years.

-  Corporate plan
-  LGA Corporate Peer Challenge
-  Fairness CommissionEmployment Commission and Fair Futures reports
-  Residents Survey, Spring 2018

You can visit our website at www.islington.gov.uk or follow us on twitter @IslingtonBC


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